Healing Prayer Ministry

Christ Church offers a Healing Prayer Ministry. This is offered through a small team of trained members who draw on a mixture of teaching and resources from Ellel Ministries, Freedom in Christ Ministries and New Wine.

What is it?
Primarily the Healing Prayer Ministry addresses issues that arise out of our brokenness either in body, soul or spirit and brings them to God. We understand that all three areas of body, soul and spirit are interlinked and may be affected. The ministry we offer is holistic in that the aim is towards the wholeness of the individual, leading to maturity in Christ.

Who is it for?
It has to be said that everyone will benefit from the Healing Prayer Ministry as we all have issues and traumas that remain unresolved and therefore influence our relationships with others, and our beliefs about ourselves and God. The types of issues and trauma may be to do with abuse, either physical, emotional or sexual, hurts from the past, relationships from the past, occult involvement in the past, addictions, unmet needs, etc.

Why is it important?
It is important because all these issues and traumas prevent us from growing to maturity in Christ. As the issues, beliefs etc. are faced and brought to God in prayer, God will take them and bring His healing into your life and situation.

What happens?
Each Healing Prayer Ministry time or appointment is led by Holy Spirit. We minister in two’s, with one of us praying quietly and seeking God for revelation, whilst the other one is in conversation with the person. You will be given time to tell your story and we will make suggestions as to how we may continue with your ministry. There may be some teaching into issues, but there will definitely be prayers to be made both by yourself and us.

When and where can I receive it?
Healing Prayer Ministry is available after each Sunday service, for short consultations, when members of the team are available. Personal appointments can be made with us for longer ministry times and these will generally be held at a convenient time on Church premises.

Contact Information
David Cumbers and Bridget Goodman, Team Leaders, can be contacted via the Church Office. Messages will be forwarded to them and they will get back to you. Church Office Phone number: 01376 326628.

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