I am New Here

Welcome to Christ Church in Braintree!

Making a first connection with a church can seem somewhat bewildering and can take a lot of courage – so well done on getting to this part of our website which we have created specifically with you in mind.

Whatever has led you to look at this website at this moment in time – we believe that you are not here by chance but that you are here for a reason.

Our church family is made up of people from different backgrounds, ages and church experience. Whatever your understanding of church, or Christianity, we believe that God has chosen to love you and has an exciting plan ahead for you!

If you feel hopeless, we believe you can find unconditional hope. If you have been rejected, you can discover unlimited acceptance. If your burdens weigh heavy, you can find help and strength to keep going.


The reason why Christ Church exists is to ‘Transform Community by nurture and healing through faith in Jesus’.

One of the popular shows on television in recent times has been ‘The Repair Shop’. People bring in treasures that have been in their family for many years and are hoping that they can be lovingly transformed. That seems like a good name for a church like Christ Church – The Repair Shop!

You may have noticed on our website the transformation of the cross which we decorate every Easter. At the start of Easter, the cross is rough and bare but, through the involvement of everyone, we watch as the cross is transformed into one of new life and colour.

We believe that God is able to turn disappointments into opportunities and bring joy when feeling dejected. We want to help you make choices that will impact your destiny.

God has a purpose for you

We believe that together, we can all be encouraged and equipped to fulfil our dreams and see lives transformed.

We hope that you will decide to contact us or come along to a service or event – you would be very welcome!

If you are looking for a new church to attend, then please explore our website for more information. You may wish to look at our Vision Statement, find out About Us and What We Do or how to Visit Us. You can also get in touch with us for more information or to ask any questions you may have.

If you are completely new to church and Christianity and don’t know where to look next, can we suggest that you take a look at the information on the following pages…